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Hyssop 30gr -organic islands-

The drink from the leaves and flowers of hyssop has expectorant, soothing properties and sweating properties. It is traditionally used for its...

Pennyroyal 30g -organic islands-

An herb with a characteristic mint aroma. The drink from its leaves and flowers is considered to have an expectorant effect as well as action...

Thyme 30g -organic islands-

Thyme leaves and flowers with their strong, slightly spicy rich taste are used as spices in various foods. The two essential oils contained in...

Sage 30g -organic islands-

Traditionally, sage is used to treat wounds and inflammation of the oral cavity, to treat indigestion and other disorders of the digestive system...

Smoked Sea Salt 230gr -melima-

All natural pure sea salt collected from the marshes of Lesvos on sunny days, preferably after strong rain. Use to add flavor to marinades, soups,...

Echinacea 30g -organic islands-

The chemicals contained in Echinacea strengthen the immune system, have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action. Echinacea flower drink is...