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Roasted red peppers 350gr -Eden-

The roasted red peppers of Eden are a wonderful appetizer. From selected peppers that are simmered with a traditional recipe of Eden. They are...

Snails Marinade 140g -Fereikos-

A traditional Greek recipe with snails marinade, vinegar, garlic and an idea of hot pepper. Enjoy them plain, with bread, add them to salads,...

Hot Chickpeas 240gr -MELIMA-

From the Aegean islands to mountainous Greece we find recipes for chickpeas. The family recipe for hot chickpeas is an ideal meze for wine and an...

Sea Samphire 220gr -melima-

Every bite of the sea samphire or the sea herb of Greece is full of the freshness of the seaside. It is ideal on a Greek salad and sea food meze...