1. General

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2. Consent

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  • This Website does not store credit card data and information, which is managed exclusively by the payment service provider, through whose website the payment process is performed. The same goes for payment data, which is used by online payment providers.
  • In certain cases, such as returns and / or withdrawals, possible disclosure to the Administrator of this Website of such personal data may be deemed necessary, with the sole purpose of processing the request.
  • In case of refunds made to members' credit cards and / or to accounts maintained by members of online payment providers, the relevant banks and / or the third online payment provider are solely responsible for processing this data.

This Website is in no way responsible for the actions on your personal data of third party websites, from which you have connected and / or accessed it.

3. Withdrawal of Consent

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  • You may withdraw your consent to the use of your personal data and / or choose not to receive any kind of marketing communications, such as newsletters.
  • In case you wish to be deleted from a member of the Website, the personal data you have provided until the moment of your deletion will be deleted.
  • Exceptionally you consent to the storage and use of your personal data in case of pending order, financial and / or other pending between you and the Website, until it is fully settled.

4. Cookies

  • Cookies are small files of information that are sent to your computer, mobile phone and / or other devices when you visit a website, in order to identify your device on subsequent visits.
  • Cookies are divided into the following categories:

             - The strictly necessary, which are necessary in order for the Website to be able to provide the services you have requested.

             - Functionality related, which memorize some of your choices.

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5. Security of Personal Data

  • At this Website, automated systems are used, in order to carry out the necessary controls to combat cases of illegal actions and / or fraud.
  • In possible sampling checks, we may use members / users' personal information. The members / users agree that in case of existence of reasonable data and / or if required by the specific circumstance, this Website has the right to collect, process and / or use those data, which are necessary to reveal any illegal and / or unconventional use.
  • If we are obligated, we will disclose and / or disclose your personal information, in order to comply with any legal requirements, to apply the Terms and Conditions * of this Website and / or to protect rights, property and / or security , ours and / or users / members.
  • Although we take all necessary steps to secure the personal data collected as intended, the transmission of information over the Internet is not entirely secure. Therefore, any transmission is at your own risk, as we can not guarantee the absolute security of the data transmitted on this Website.

6. Adult Content

  • Content available exclusively to adults may be available on this Website and / or part of it. Where there is adult content, persons under the age of eighteen (18) do not have access. Each time you attempt to navigate to adult content before you are granted access, you will be warned.
  • The Administrator of the Website reserves the right, in case he realizes that anyone, regardless of exceptions, who is under eighteen (18) years old, tries to make a transaction, through the services of this Website, which is related to Adult Content Requires Written Parental Consent Under Your Child Internet Privacy Act 1998 (“COPPA”)