1. General

  • These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "Terms and Conditions", "Terms", "Terms", or "Agreement") constitute an Agreement between the Administrator of this Website (hereinafter referred to as "Administrator", Website Administrator). , "We", "Us", "Us" or "Ours") and You (hereinafter referred to as "User", "You", "You", "You" or "Yours"), which identifies the General Terms and Conditions of Use on the Website and on any products and / or services (collectively, "Website" or "Services").
  • The Administrator of this Website is the Periklis Simos Individual Enterprise Retail & Wholesale of Food, Tax Identification Number: 116021773, Tax Office: Veria, GEMI Number 133485526000, with headquarters at 26 Trebesinas 59131, Greece.
  • Idisma.com.gr is an online and a physical store, which offers packaged food for sale.
  • As such, it promotes and / or resells products of the suppliers with which it cooperates, reserving the right to freely choose the products it promotes, as well as to modify, renew and / or withdraw, at any time, without prior notice.
  • The same applies to the pricing policy, possible offers and / or discounts, which he is free to choose, modify, renew and / or withdraw, at any time, without prior notice and / or compliance with a deadline.
  • Please note that the description of the ingredients of the products and / or the information included in the product indications, as well as their production and / or expiration dates, is made by the suppliers themselves, whose details are indicated on the respective products. This online store, which participates in the distribution chain only as an intermediary and / or final seller, is not responsible nor must it check the accuracy of all the above.
  • We do not warrant or guarantee the accuracy and / or reliability of any information and / or content, related to any products, services, software and / or advertisements contained on this Website, as well as the third party content to which you refer, through links from the Website and / or that the Website provides you with access to.
  • Due to technological limitations, the photos of the products available on the Website may differ from the actual condition of the products. Also, in photos and / or videos, there may be information and / or data, which does not correspond to the most recent display of the product, as they have been photographed and / or videotaped in a previous state.

2. Intellectual Property

  • This Website is a legal website managed by its official Administrator. The copyright in all content that you access this Website and / or through it, remains the property of its Administrator and / or its licensors, as protected by European and International Copyright Laws and / or Treaties.
  • In no case do you have the license and / or consent to use any trademark, logo and / or other proprietary, graphic material, content and / or part thereof, of Pericles Simos Individual Retail & Wholesale Food, therefore consequently this Website, which it manages.
  • Reproduction, copying, copying, sale, resale and / or any other use of this Website and / or part of it, for any commercial and / or other purpose is prohibited. You may not use frames and / or framing techniques to enclose any trademark, logo and / or other proprietary information, including video, images, text, page layout and / or Web form.
  • By accessing this Website, we grant you access and / or personal use, but not permission to download and / or modify. The access license and / or personal use does not allow any resale, commercial and / or business use of this Website and / or its content, any collection and / or use of catalogs, descriptions and / or product prices.
  • You may not publish, manage, distribute, copy, transfer, process, store, republish, modify and / or reproduce in any form and in any form, any part of its contents and / or copies, unless you have obtained written permission from Its administrator.

3. Navigation and Use of the Website and the Services

  • Your navigation and / or connection to this Website is done in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, exclusively through your own means and / or through providers selected by you.
  • The navigation, use and / or connection, in this Website, as well as the purchase and sale through it, are subject to these Terms and Conditions. The Administrator of the Website reserves the right to remove and / or change part and / or all of them, without prior notice. If you wish to be informed of any changes to these Terms and Conditions, it is your responsibility to visit this link regularly.
  • The Administrator of the Website, at any time and / or without prior notice, reserves the right to modify, renew and / or upgrade, all and / or part of these Terms of Use, all and / or part of the content of this Website as well as and the whole and / or part of the external appearance, structure and / or composition of the Website.
  • It also has the ability to restrict access to the entire Website and / or part of it, as well as to become a subscriber. Reserves the right at any time, unjustifiably and / or without prior notice to users, to cancel, suspend and / or terminate the operation of the Website.
  • In the event that any term of this Agreement is found to be abusive and / or revoked, the other terms of this Agreement shall continue to apply and / or be binding on both parties.
  • Any delay in the exercise by the parties, part and / or all of the rights deriving from these Terms and Conditions, does not lead to weakening and / or waiver of this right, which can be exercised at any later stage, according to the reasonable judgment of the beneficiary.
  • This Website contains links to other websites which it does not manage. The Website can not control the linked websites, nor does it guarantee the information, correctness, legality, completeness and / or quality of their content and clearly does not accept responsibility for them and / or for any loss and / or damage that may be caused by their use. When using the linked websites, the terms and conditions of each website apply accordingly.

4. Restrictions on Access and Use of the Website

  • It is prohibited, in any way and / or by any means, the abuse, of this Website, the obstruction and / or in any way and / or means, the interruption of its operation, as well as the theft, copying, replacement and / or alteration any electronic and / or non-material and / or content thereof. Also, any action that may lead to an unacceptable burden on the infrastructure and / or operation of the Website
  • The execution and / or encouragement of any criminal act, the posting, transmission and / or distribution, through the Website in whole and / or part of it, of any type and / or kind of offensive, malicious, annoying technologically harmful material and / or is prohibited. and any type and / or type of virus.
  • In addition, it is prohibited to violate any part of the Terms and Conditions and / or the Services, data corruption, inconvenience to other users, violation of the property rights and / or other rights of other persons and / or the submission of any material by the Website to third parties .
  • Violation of the above provisions is a criminal offense under Greek law. Therefore, the Administrator reserves the right to report any such violation, which may come to his notice, to the competent authorities and / or to disclose to them the identity of each responsible person, under the conditions set by law.
  • In case of any form of damage and / or damage to third parties, due to non-compliance with the above, the Website and consequently its Administrator, do not bear any responsibility, nor undertake any form of compensation to any natural / legal person and / or in which the damage and / or injury was caused.

5. Account and Subscription

  • The registration of the interested new member is done in the following ways:

             -through the Registration link, directly from the Website


  • If you wish, you can subscribe (and) to the list of newsletters. Registration is also possible for non-members.
  • In order for your registration to be approved, the information you have provided may first be verified and / or reviewed, so that you can then use the services offered to registered members. It is pointed out that we have the right, without justification and / or for reasons of legality, to refuse the application for registration of a member, the provision of any services and / or the transaction with him.
  • By registering and creating an account on this Website, you are responsible for maintaining the security of your account, as well as for all activities and / or actions that occur through it and / or are associated with it in any way.
  • Providing false contact information of any kind may result in termination of your account. You must notify the Website immediately of any unauthorized use of your account and / or any other breach of security. The Website, as well as its Administrator, are not responsible for any actions and / or omissions on your part, including any damages that may arise as a result.
  • The Administrator of the Website may suspend, deactivate and / or delete your account and / or part thereof, if it decides that you have violated any part of this Agreement. In case of deletion of your account, for the above reason, you will not be able to re-register.

6. User Content

  • Any data, information and / or material (hereinafter referred to as "User Content"), which you submit to this Website during its use, is not the property of itself or its Administrator. You have the sole responsibility for the accuracy, quality, integrity, legality, reliability and / or suitability, as well as the right to use the copyright you submit to the User Content.
  • The User Content you submit and / or create using the Services may be monitored and / or controlled by the Website and / or its Administrator. However, unless permitted, especially by you, to use the Website, it does not authorize its Administrator to use, reproduce, adapt, modify, publish and / or distribute the content created by you and / or stored in the Account Your user, for commercial, advertising and / or similar purposes. The Administrator reserves the right to access, copy, distribute, store, send, reformat, display and / or deliver the content to your User Account, solely as required, in order to provide services to you.
  • Without limitation of the above warranties, the Administrator continues to reserve the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse and / or remove any Content User who, in its sole discretion, violates any of the Policies and / or Terms of Use of the Website, and / or are, for any reason and / or in any way and / or medium, harmful and / or irrelevant.

7. Terms and Procedure of Sale

  • By placing an order, you agree that the purchase and sale of the respective products is carried out in accordance with the Terms and Conditions * of this Website.
  • The product purchase contract is drawn up only after your payment is approved.
  • All products are available for personal use only and not for resale, except in the case of professionals (merchants / B2B customers).
  • Orders can be submitted either as a registered member of our Website, or as an unidentified user (guest user), without the need to register.
  • Each time, after completing your purchases, you fill in all the information required to complete your order, which appear on the order form. All information you submit is subject to the Privacy Policy *, collected and processed in complete security, with your consent, which you provide by submitting the above form. In any case, every time you send a request for order, you must first have accepted these Terms and Conditions *.
  • As your order progresses, you will receive a series of automated emails (e-mails) that will indicate the progress of your order. In case of any pending and / or problem, during the processing of your order, then you will be sent a corresponding e-mail and / or we will contact you on the phones you have given us.
  • By sending an order request, you consent to the receipt of the above notifications, which are a prerequisite for the proper progress of your order. You need to make sure that these emails reach you, as well as keep them throughout our transaction. It is your responsibility, in case you do not receive the relevant emails (e-mail), to contact us.
  • The Administrator, in order to secure the transactions as much as possible, may, but without obligation, carry out an audit, through the cooperating payment service providers, as to the correctness of the payment details that you send, in the case of a credit card payment. and / or through a third party online payment service provider.
  • The Administrator, at the stage of completing the order and / or connecting with the third payment service provider, may reject your order, if it is found that there is a problem with the above payment information.
  • Deliveries of orders are made throughout Greece, inside and outside the European Union. Depending on the legislation of each country, outside the European Union, there may be restrictions on the sale of certain products and / or the sale of certain products may not be allowed at all. In such a case, there will be immediate information to the buyer. For more information on all the countries in which we can ship, see the Delivery Policy *.
  • It is clarified that the shipping time may vary, depending on the availability of the products and / or the commitment of the suppliers in relation to the delivery time. Also, delivery times are subject to delays, due to delays by courier companies and / or force majeure, which is not our responsibility. For more information, see Delivery Policy *.
  • In the event that for any reason, an unexpected shortage is found by the suppliers, in some products, that you have placed in your order and / or that there is any problem, in relation to the products included in your request, then we will do our best attempt to contact you, either by email, at the e-mail address you have given us, or by direct telephone contact. If it is not possible to contact you, for a period of five (5) working days, then your order will be executed in the place where there is availability and will be canceled for the rest. In any case, any modification of your order will be sent to you with a new e-mail, which will be the confirmation of your order, based on which it will be executed.
  • Due to the nature of our products, some of which may deteriorate, expire soon and / or which are fragile / sensitive, compliance with the instructions provided on the product packaging, is the responsibility of the buyer / customer. Also the buyer / customer is responsible for the products after their delivery by the carrier. Similarly, due to the nature of the products offered, we do not take responsibility in case they are not received on the day of delivery due to the fault of the buyer / customer, ie on the first attempt at delivery.

8. Pricing Policy

  • We reserve the right to freely formulate our pricing policy, to modify the prices listed on the Website, to change and / or withdraw the offers at any time with and / or without prior notice to users, who will be informed of the current price, from the relevant post on the website.
  • The user selects, in the special field, the corresponding currency, depending on the country of dispatch of his order, which determines the price list of the products according to our commercial policy, as well as the respective transport costs of the country.
  • All prices of products and / or services, on this Website, are in Euro currency.
  • VAT is included in all listed retail prices of products and / or services available through our online store.

Shipping costs will be charged additionally. Any additional charges that may arise are included in the "Total Cost".

9. Payment Policy

  • The user / consumer / buyer of our online store is available to choose one of the following payment methods, the products he is interested in buying:

             - by credit card

             - through a third party online payment provider

             - by deposit in a bank account of the Company

             - payment in cash, exclusively in case of receipt from the physical headquarters of our online store.

                More information about our exact location can be found in the special field Contact Us *.

             - cash on delivery, exclusively within Greece

  • Checks as a means of payment of any purchase are not accepted.

It is not possible to combine different payment methods for an order.

  • According to the current tax provisions, documents worth more than € 500 to individuals (Retail Receipt) and to professionals / companies (Sales Invoice) must be paid exclusively in the following ways:

              - credit and / or debit card debit

              - Bank account deposit

  • In case of payment through a third party online payment provider, you agree and / or accept that you are subject to the terms and / or conditions of operation of the specific online payment provider, given that you have contracted with it, during your registration as a member. In the event that you are refunded through a third party payment provider, you may incur any commission that will be charged to you by that particular third party provider, based on its terms of use and operation. This Website, as well as its Administrator, is not responsible for the policies and operations of third party payment providers.
  • In case of payment by credit card, the process will be carried out and completed, through a trusted banking institution, which provides all the necessary security conditions for electronic transactions. The collection and / or processing of the payment details that you send, are received exclusively by the cooperating financial institutions, which are solely responsible for their processing, in order to complete the payment. This Website, as well as its Administrator, is not responsible for the security, with which the cooperating financial institutions operate and / or manage, the above mentioned electronic transaction data.

10. Changes and Cancellations of Orders

  • Any change and / or cancellation in order, is accepted, only if the
  • Order Confirmation has not been sent, so the order has not been completed.
  • Please note that for security reasons, after the order is confirmed, it is not possible to change the declared delivery address.
  • You can, if you are a consumer, exercise the product return procedure and / or your right of withdrawal, which are provided for in this Agreement.

11. Returns of Defective Products

  • If you receive a defective product, a product characterized by a detected lack of contracted quality and / or if any other problem arises, through our fault, we invite you to contact us immediately for more details.
  • Returns are made exclusively to the physical headquarters of our online store, Trebesinas 26 PC 59131, Veria, Greece.
  • The receipt of the product from our Company will be done exclusively by our cooperating carrier, after first contacting us, to inform us about the identified problem that has occurred.
  • The receipt of the product to be returned will be done exclusively by the delivery address that you had stated, when placing your order.
  • In order for a return to be accepted, the product must be in the received condition, unused, with its original packaging intact and the correct storage conditions maintained.
  • The returned product must be accompanied by a retail receipt / sales invoice / shipping slip. We especially emphasize that, if there is no one of the above accompanying documents, your request can not be satisfied, while the product will not be received.

12. Withdrawal Policy and Procedure

  • Every user, who makes purchases through the online store, according to the Directive 2011/83 / EC of the EU, reserves the right to withdraw from the purchase, within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of delivery.
  • In order for the withdrawal to be valid, the customer is required to proceed with telephone and / or e-mail communication with us, within the above deadline of fourteen (14) calendar days, and / or to send the withdrawal statement together with the product he wishes to return, provided that both (the product and the statement), will be received by us, within the absolute deadline of fourteen (14) calendar days, from the day of delivery to the customer. Otherwise, in any other case and / or shipment, after the expiration of the above deadline, the withdrawal will be declared invalid.
  • We inform you that any of our products that may be damaged, expire soon and / or are vulnerable / sensitive, are explicitly excluded by law from the right of withdrawal. The criteria for determining the products that are excluded from the possibility of withdrawal can be defined by law and / or based on the declarations and / or relevant maintenance instructions of the manufacturers, as they appear, on the indications on the product labels.
  • It is clarified that in case of exercise of the right of withdrawal, for products that are not excluded, their shipment is made exclusively at the responsibility of the consumer, who respectively assumes all transport costs. It is emphasized that shipments are made only to the physical headquarters of our online store, 26 Trebesina, 59131, Veria, Greece.
  • In order for the withdrawal to be accepted, the returned products must be in the condition they were received, unused, in their original packaging intact, together with all the accompanying documents and that the proper storage conditions have been maintained.
  • Returned products must be sent with a retail receipt / sales invoice / shipping note, as well as a withdrawal statement. In particular, this form must be completed with all the necessary information requested and signed by you.
  • If the above conditions are met, the refund of the price, which you have already paid, will be made directly by us, in cooperation with the cooperating payment provider and / or otherwise, within the time period provided by law in case of withdrawal, which amounts equally to fourteen (14) calendar days. If you are refunded through a third party payment provider (eg debit or credit card, etc.), you may be charged a fee charged by that third party provider, based on its terms of use and operation, for which we are not responsible for.
  • Please note that if the above conditions are not met and / or if there is no one of the above accompanying documents of the product, your request for withdrawal can not be satisfied, while the product will be returned to you at your own expense.

13. Communication and Social Media

  • When you visit the Website and / or choose to send e-mails, contact us electronically. We communicate with you via e-mail and / or through posts on the Website. We therefore consider that you agree to receive electronic communications from us. All communications, which we are able to provide you electronically, meet all legal requirements for written communication.
  • We give you the option to interact with social media, such as Facebook. To enable this interaction, the links provided will likely allow you to access and / or connect to your social media accounts. It is clarified that the Administrator of the Website does not control these services of social networks and therefore can not change your privacy settings in these services and / or set rules for how to use your personal information in these services.

14. Disclaimer and Compensation

  • The content of this Website, the products and the Services, are provided without warranty. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, to the maximum extent permitted by law, any conditions, warranties and / or other terms, which may otherwise have been inferred from applicable law, are excluded.
  • The Administrator of this Website is not responsible for any claims, losses, claims and / or damages of any kind, related to the Website and / or the data displayed on it, including, without limitation, direct, indirect, incidental or / and expected losses and / or losses. The above applies whether these claims, losses and / or damages, arise from tort and / or negligence, based on applicable law and / or otherwise.
  • The Administrator of this Website is not responsible for any loss and / or damage, which may be caused by an attack, which concerns denial of service, viruses and / or other technologically harmful material, due to the use of this Website and / or download of any material posted on this and / or any Website linked to it.
  • The Administrator of this Website is not responsible in case you are entitled to the return of part and / or the full price for any delay of the cooperating payment service providers for the execution of the relevant order given by the Administrator on time.
  • Although access to this Website is the sole responsibility of the visitor / user, when you use the Services, your legal rights are not affected.
  • In any case, if any damage is due to proven negligence of the company, the company is only liable to cover any positive damage of the injured party, which arises and is directly related to the damaging event and / or the negligence of the company.
  • You agree to indemnify, defend and / or release the Administrator of this Website from any third party claims, liability, damages and / or costs arising from your use of the Website and / or your breach of Terms and Conditions.