Idisma is a family business in Beroea and our passion and goal is to provide you with natural Greek food of exceptional quality in every possible destination and corner of the world.

We offer services to both individual customers (retail) and companies of any size (wholesale) and our goal is to become your daily habit as a Supplier of Greek Food Products.

We have traveled all over the country to seek and choose the best Greek food products to explore and taste and thus help you to be transported mentally to Greece or to recall your beautiful moments from Greece through our products.

What we choose and offer are food products from small family businesses and small producers.

The result of our ever-increasing collection of food products is the result of quality, not quantity.

Our goal is to provide you and guide you to the Greek natural gastronomic flavors.

The special Mediterranean climate enriches the Greek agricultural products with exquisite flavors and aromas that lead to the final healthy result.

Our selection consists of organic and non-organic food products as well, BIO, vegan and gluten free.

What we offer you is what we put on our family table.

Nothing more and nothing less than absolute quality.

Welcome to this trip to Greece

You are all welcome