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Feneou Mavromatika organic Beans 500gr -Dikotylon-

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In the area of Feneos, which has almost been identified with legumes, the nutritionally valuable black-eyed beans are also produced. It is impressive that one serving of black beans provides as much protein as half a steak. They combine two very important properties: they do not have many calories, and at the same time they are very rich in nutrients.


Properties and benefits: They supply the body with valuable proteins: Like all legumes, blackberries are rich in the amino acids lysine and threonine, substances necessary for the formation of proteins. Successful protein combinations are also black eyed peas with cheese or yogurt, with wheat bread or tahini. Ideal for macrobiotic nutrition: Black eyes are an excellent suggestion for a macrobiotic diet, which suggests a diet exclusively with raw plant foods.


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