Chickpeas 500gr -Agrifarm-

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They are cultivated exclusively by Young Farmers Groups. Through our Refarming Greece initiative, we actively support the Sustainable Return of Youth to the villages. * Organic Farming Product Characteristics Net Weight 500gr. Gross Weight 505gr. Length 9.5cm. Depth 5cm. Height 25cm. NUTRITIONAL VALUE PER 100GR / ML Energy 356Kcal Fat 4.0g Of which Saturated 1.0g Monounsaturated 1.0g Polyunsaturated 2.0g Carbohydrates 48g Of which Sugars Reducing sugars: Non-reducing sugars: 0g Edible Fiber 12g Protein 26g Salt 0.08g Calcium 105mg Iron 6.2mg Other omega-3: 0.1g Ω-6: 1.9g


They are one of the best natural sources of protein and have great nutritional value, making them an ideal choice for a balanced diet. Protein is what makes chickpeas stand out from other legumes. They amount to 20-30%, contain all the essential amino acids in the ideal proportion that the body needs and are classified in complete proteins, such as those of milk, soy and meat. It is worth noting that these legumes are an excellent source of carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Chickpeas should be cooked with the skin, because it contains the largest percentage of calcium and fiber, ingredients necessary for the human body.


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