Organic Complete Tomato Paste from Antonopoulos Farm 720ml

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The tomato paste of Agroktimas Antonopoulos is made exclusively from tomatoes of the local indigenous variety grown organically on the farm.

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This particular local tomato variety produces long, narrow tomatoes. There are no longer tomatoes of this shape on the market since the cultivation of traditional varieties is disappearing. Most commercial tomatoes are round, unblemished and come from hybrids (seeds created artificially in the laboratory) in order to give a uniform and attractive shape and desirable technological features. Before sowing tomatoes, the field is green fertilized with vetiver. Don't be fooled by the term "green fertilization", this is a 100% natural way of fertilization without adding any formulation at all. Essentially, vetch is sown, which is then cut and left on the field to decompose and act as a natural fertilizer. This practice rests the field and nourishes it in a completely natural way. In this way we ensure high quality crops, always respecting nature. In contrast, and unfortunately, in conventional tomato cultivation, huge amounts of fertilizers are used (about 300 kg of fertilizer/acre!) and spraying is done weekly. There is no fight in the field with insecticides and herbicides and we do not use any formulation at all, not even the approved organic ones! The tomato harvest at the farm is done 3 times during the summer season as the tomatoes ripen at different times. Contrary to conventional tomato cultivation, the entire harvest is done once. In fact, if the tomatoes have not ripened well, a toxic drug called Ethrel (a plant growth regulator) is added, which has the ability to accelerate the ripening of the tomato and turn the green tomatoes red so that they are all picked at the same time. The farm applies and promotes the conscious way of farming. We sow with local tomato variety and develop our own nursery. Because only tomato hybrids are commercially available, we are forced to secure our own plants. This requires a huge cost and a lot of effort. When making tomato paste, the whole tomato (and the seed) is used, ensuring full nutrients. Each tomato is thoroughly washed and cleaned. But the most important thing is that it is cut into 4. In this way we check the appropriateness of the tomato inside. This is how we ensure excellent tomato paste quality with absolute respect for the consumer. In contrast, most commercial tomato pastes come from the pulping of whole tomatoes without first ensuring the quality of the tomato inside. What is done is to strain the pulp at the end, removing the rotten part and the spores. Therefore, an advice to consumers: Choose only tomato pastes that contain the seeds of the tomato. This means that the mixture has not been filtered and that what you are eating is completely safe. Rich source of lycopene, antioxidants, vitamins and fiber. Absolutely compatible with the human body. Combine it with the farm's pasta for a delicious and healthy result.


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