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Latest Products

Latest Products


  • Feneou Mavromatika organic...

    Price €3.00 Regular price €3.70 -€0.70

    In the area of Feneos, which has almost been identified with legumes, the nutritionally valuable black-eyed beans are also produced. It is impressive that one serving of black beans provides as much protein as half a steak. They combine two very important properties: they do not have many calories, and at the same time they are very rich in nutrients.

    • -€0.70
  • Pate green olives with...

    Price €6.72 Regular price €7.90 -€1.18

    Pasta from green olives with almonds, extra virgin olive oil and thyme K.V. 200 gr. M.B. 400 gr.

    • -€1.18
  • Greek excellent biscuits...

    Price €2.90 Regular price €3.40 -€0.50

    They are delicious, made by hand and stuffed with fig kernels that ripen under the Cretan sun. An exquisite recipe with extra virgin olive oil, without preservatives, which combines tradition with modern nutritional needs and makes our daily lives healthily enjoyable.

    • -€0.50
  • Roasted Manouri cheese...

    Price €7.62 Regular price €8.80 -€1.18

    Excellent manouri cheese of Thessaly in extra virgin olive oil K.V. 200 gr. M.B .. 400 gr.

    • -€1.18
  • Rose petals with Chios...

    Price €5.20 Regular price €6.50 -€1.30

    spoon sweet rose petals, boiled with sugar and a few drops of genuine Chios mastic oil

    • -€1.30
  • Fine Mastic Biscuits PDO 200gr

    Price €2.90 Regular price €3.40 -€0.50

    Kneaded with love in tradition and with the unique Chios mastic in the world (PDO), the crunchy cookies have a wonderful taste and fascinating aroma. All this in combination with the beneficial effects of extra virgin olive oil make them unique in enjoyment. Two nutritional, ancient cultures in a cookie that is good for your health every day.

    • -€0.50