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Latest Products

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Latest Cosmetics


  • Red Vinegar Sweet Vinegar...

    Price €3.90 Regular price €4.70 -€0.80

    For the production of this unique sweet vinegar, two traditional products from grapes of the Agiorgitiko variety are used. Our red vinegar together with Petmezi. Combined in one drop, the aromas of Agiorgitiko with the sweetness of petimezi, balance with the acidity of the vinegar to give your salads, sauces and vinaigrette a special touch. Winner of the Great Taste Award in 2014. Dark brown color with red touches, rich body with aromas of dried fruits and spices. Balanced sweet and sour taste followed by a long aftertaste with hints of brown sugar.

    • -€0.80
  • Organic Heather Honey 450gr...

    Price €5.60 Regular price €9.10 -€3.50

    Heather is a deadly flowering plant in winter and spring that strongly attracts bees. Heather honey has a dark color, characteristic aroma and very strong taste. It is tonic, has high nutritional value and beneficial properties. Crystallization of the Sun is a natural phenomenon that is restored if you place the package in hot water up to 50oC.

    • -€3.50
  • Orange Mix Nuts With Dark...

    Price €2.20 Regular price €4.20 -€2.00

    Orange and chocolate nuts, organic, fermented by hand, without preservatives with extra virgin olive oil. They do not contain preservatives, are rich in unsaturated fats, have low cholesterol, are a source of dietary fiber and have a low salt content. A unique combination of tradition and modern nutrition for all hours of the day.

    • -€2.00
  • Wine biscuits P.O.P from...

    Price €2.20 Regular price €4.20 -€2.00

    The Fine Sweet Wine Biscuits from BELOVED GREECE, made exclusively with Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Sitia-Crete (P.O.P.), are fermented by hand and are an exciting culinary proposition. The age-old homemade recipe, the excellent white dry wine of Santorini (P.O.P.), combined with the excess of love and care, bring an inspired and incomparable sweet taste.

    • -€2.00
  • Pomegranate & plum jam 240g...

    Price €2.20 Regular price €4.60 -€2.40

    100% content of fresh fruit. Only with natural fruit sugars. No added sugar or other artificial sweetener. No pectin, no preservatives, no dyes, no artificial fragrances

    • -€2.40
  • Hazelnut butter 350gr -FROM...

    Price €6.00 Regular price €10.50 -€4.50

    Hazelnut Butter - From Walnut is an excellent and unique product, created for the most demanding of taste, but also for people who care about their diet, sports and those who want to limit salt and sugar in their diet. The rich and full flavor of hazelnuts is a perfect addition to your sweet or savory creations. It is a real bomb of precious fatty acids, proteins and minerals. 100% satisfaction and guarantee of the highest quality. 100% from Hazelnut No salt added No added Sugar Without Palm Oil Greek product

    • -€4.50
  • Almond Butter 240gr -Bardas-

    Price €4.00 Regular price €6.60 -€2.60

    The almond butter of the Bardas company comes mainly from the crushing of almonds, so that through the processing the oil of the fruit is released, and gives us a paste with a buttery texture. It has a high concentration of monounsaturated fats (ω−7, ω−9), vegetable fiber, calcium, potassium, manganese, vitamin E. It does not contain added salt. Perfect for spreading on bread or a nutritious addition to any recipe.

    • -€2.60
  • Aggelis Peach Lemonade...

    Price €3.00 Regular price €4.30 -€1.30

    The Angelis peach lemonade jam does not contain added sugar and is an ideal choice for a more balanced diet with fewer calories.

    • -€1.30
  • Peanut butter 350gr -Bardas-

    Price €3.00 Regular price €5.20 -€2.20

    Soft peanut butter from 100% Greek peanut directly from the Thessalian plain. Peanut butter is an extremely nutritious and healthy food, especially popular for its taste and texture. The nutritional value of Barda peanut butter is the same as that of peanuts. Rich in antioxidants, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins (E, B6, B1, B2, B3), magnesium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, copper and protein, peanuts are carefully selected and converted into sugar, salt and hydrogenated fats, preserving all the nutritional value of peanuts.

    • -€2.20